Monday, 6 June 2016

RDF Validation Tutorial

Last week, I gave a tutorial about RDF Validation at the 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference, in Crete, Greece.

During the tutorial, Eric Prod'hommeaux was also connected in a hangout so he could also give his point of view and remarks about what I was saying.

Although I think it would have been nice to have more time for a more practical session, I also think the format was ok and the people that attended it could get an overview of ShEx and SHACL, as well as a comparison between them.

The slides of the tutorial are here:

In most of the slides, I tried to include links to the examples working using some online demos: RDFShape or FancyShEx demo.


  1. Thank you for the tutorials! PDF links are broken, the actual ones are here:

  2. Thanks, I have updated the entry with the correct links.