Monday, 6 June 2016

RDF Validation Tutorial

Last week, I gave a tutorial about RDF Validation at the 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference, in Crete, Greece.

During the tutorial, Eric Prod'hommeaux was also connected in a hangout so he could also give his point of view and remarks about what I was saying.

Although I think it would have been nice to have more time for a more practical session, I also think the format was ok and the people that attended it could get an overview of ShEx and SHACL, as well as a comparison between them.

The slides of the tutorial are here:

In most of the slides, I tried to include links to the examples working using some online demos: RDFShape or FancyShEx demo.

First post

This blog is intended to be my personal view on a RDF Validation and related technologies.

In particular, I expect to talk about Shape Expressions and SHACL.

I have been part of the Data Shapes Working Group, so I will probably talk a bit about it also, as well as about any related technology.

I have recently supported the creation of the W3c RDF and XML community group, so I may also write about RDF and XML interoperability.

In general, my goal is to talk about one of my research interests, which is how to increase data interoperability, so the Semantic Web, or Web of Data can became a Web of interoperable data.